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  • Next Facebook Live Class Coming Soon -- Creative Crafts, Plus a Mixed Media Giveaway!

    Beadaholique Craft Month Class 1

    March is National Craft Month, and our next Facebook Live class will be an ode to this fun designation. Join us for a live session that's all about crafts! Tune in on Friday, March 3rd at 1pm ET/10am PT for a showcase of crafts that range from quick and easy to complex, an overview of mixed media products and techniques, and of course, a live, interactive Q&A with our designers Kat and Alexandra as they answer your craft-related questions. Plus, stay tuned for a chance to win a crafty giveaway!

    During this class we'll cover dozens of craft ideas, including key rings, magnet sets, bookmarks, cuff links, lapel pins and brooches, sun catchers, dream catchers and wine charms. Mixed media products and techniques we'll talk about include resin, silicone mold-making putty, Crystal Clay, hair pins and accessories, Vintaj patina, glitter, and collage and transfer sheets. And this list just barely scratches the surface!

    Beadaholique Craft Month Class 2

    If you want to follow along with a craft project of your own, check out our selection of craft supplies and plan an idea that appeals to you. You can browse the following categories that we'll be talking about in the class:
    Hair accessories
    Pins and brooches
    Cuff links (great for Father's Day)
    Key rings
    Compacts and purse hangers (great for Mother's Day)
    Mixed media supplies
    Resins and glazes
    Patinas and colors

    And if you're looking for crafty inspiration, check out our vast collection of craft project tutorials created by our team of designers. Don't forget, you can ask us anything you're curious about (such as choosing the right glue for a project -- a common stumper!) and we'll get your queries answered live. Stick around until the end, too, when we'll give away a craft package bursting with mixed media supplies.

    When: Friday, March 3rd at 1pm ET/10am PT

    Where: Beadaholique's Facebook page

    This class is free to watch on Facebook, and you don't have to sign up in advance. If you can't tune in live at the time of the class, don't worry -- the video will be posted to our Facebook page so you'll be able to watch it later. See you there!

  • Announcing Swarovski Crystal Innovations Spring/Summer 2018 Official Launch: New Colors and Styles!

    Swarovski Innovations Summer 2018 Launch

    It's that time of year again: Swarovski has just unveiled its spring/summer collection, and there are plenty of goodies to feast your eyes upon. In this post we'll take a look at some of the sumptuous new crystal shapes, styles and colors coming your way in this launch, including new beads, rhinestone flatbacks and pavé pendants. These pieces are on their way to Beadaholique as we speak and will be available to bring your jewelry ideas to life soon!

    New Pearl Colors:

    Swarovski Iridescent Blue Pearls

    In this release, Swarovski has come out with not one, but two new pearl effects: Crystal Iridescent Light Blue Pearl and Crystal Iridescent Dark Blue Pearl. These two related colors explore dual feelings the color blue evokes, from soft and soothing to deep and edgy. The light blue pearl is a serene blend of soft sky blue and light violet, while its dark blue counterpart features a silky mix of sapphire and purple. Match Iridescent Light Blue with soft crystal colors such as Air Blue Opal and Provence Lavender. For Iridescent Dark Blue, try pairing this hue with Bermuda Blue, Metallic Blue or Dark Indigo. These pearls come in 3mm-12mm round pearls, 10mm or 12mm coin pearls, and a large-hole BeCharmed pearl bead for European-style jewelry.


    Swarovski Baroque Beads

    For its new bead shape, the Baroque Bead, Swarovski created a romantic, vintage inspired design with an asymmetrical silhouette and plenty of sparkling facets. "The Baroque Bead pays homage to the grandeur and beauty of history in radiant crystal detailing," Swarovski says. This bead plays on the shape of the delicate Baroque Pendant that is a Swarovski classic, and comes in a dozen vibrant colors including Aquamarine, Amethyst, Rose Gold 2x, Dark Indigo and Ruby. Look for this bead in 10mm and 14mm, the perfect sizes for a matching necklace and earring set.


    Swarovski Skull Flatbacks

    Next, Swarovski came out with a flatback version of the popular Skull Bead, aptly called the Skull Flatback. Available in 10x7.5mm or 14x10.5mm, this well-defined hot fix rhinestone comes in an edgy range of metallic colors, including Crystal Light Chrome, Crystal Metallic Light Gold, Crystal Metallic Blue and Jet Hematite. Bedazzle your clothes, crafts or jewelry creations with these rhinestones for a street-tough look or a dose of Halloween whimsy.

    Pavé Pendants:

    Swarovski Pave Drop Pendants

    Last but certainly not least, Swarovski's newest addition to its line of pavé pendants is the Pavé Drop Pendant. This crystal-encrusted drop, topped with a metal cap in either rhodium or gold, will make a stunning necklace focal or pair of earrings, hung from a simple earring hook. The crystal steals the show! These beauties are shown here in classic Crystal, but we will be carrying them in several multicolored hues, including a blues mix, a buffet of greens, a dark silver motif and a bright combination of Rose Gold and Crystal Golden Shadow. With their elegant 20x8mm silhouette, these pendants are destined to become a new classic.

    Are you as excited as we are? Start planning your design ideas now, because you'll want to snap up these crystal treasures as soon as they arrive! Stay tuned for their debut at

  • More New Wow-Worthy Video Tutorials from Becky Nunn

    How to Create Sculpted Resin Pieces by Becky Nunn.00_00_09_14.Still240

    Our next batch of videos by Becky Nunn is live, and you can now watch the creative powerhouse as she teaches three more incredible jewelry-making techniques. Follow along as Becky demonstrates how to create sculpted resin pendants (shown in the photos above and below), how to use Crystal Clay with crystal points to create pendants, and how to create a texturized Crystal Clay stamping with cup chain and a ribbon end. The brand new Nunn Design Winter Collection is now available, with tons of components that work great with these techniques. Pick your favorites and get ready for some mixed media fun!

    How to Create Sculpted Resin Pieces by Becky Nunn.00_10_01_21.Still248

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