How to Make a Beaded Bead Using Right Angle Weave Double Needle Method

How to Make a Beaded Bead Using Right Angle Weave Double Needle Method
In this Beadaholique video, Andrea shows us how to make a beaded bead using right angle weave and the two needle method.
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  • Designer:Andrea Morici


Audio Transcript (partial):
  • Hey there. In this video I'm going to show you how to make these beaded beads using right angle weave. What you're going to need is you're going to need some four milometer beads. I'm using some Swarovski bicones. They come in packets of 50. You're going to need about 30 of them. That works out great. You're going to need two needles. I'm using two big eye needles because I really like the fact that you can string them quite easily. Need some beading threat. I'm using Fireline in the smoke color, size B. I've got my trusty thread zapper.
  • This is using right angle weave, like I said, but this is using the two needle method. I'm going to cut off about four feet. I'll zap off four feet. I'm going to thread each end through one of my big eye needles. How you use these, I've explained it in other videos, but I'm just going to show you again. I'm going to open up my big eye needle, insert one end through, pull it down, and it'll stay there. Do the same thing to my other needle on the other end.
  • Now we can begin. With my right needle I'm going to pickup five Swarovski bicones. You can use any other kind of 4 milometer bead you'd like. Here I used some Czech glass drucks, or you can use fire polish. I'm going to bring those five Swarovskis down to the center of my thread. I'm going to take the left hand needle now. I'm going to go back going the opposite direction through that last bead that I added. I'm going to grab both of my needles and make sure that this loop ends up right in the middle of my thread, like so. You've created a little circle, one unit if you will.
  • I'm going to make another adjacent unit. This bead, where my thread is coming out of, that is going to be the first bead in that unit, so I'm only going to need four additional beads. I'm going to pick them up with my right hand needle, one, two, three, four. Once again, that last bead that I added, going to take my left needle, go though, criss-cross going the other direction. I'm going to pull both taught. Now I have two adjacent units.
  • I'm going to take my left needle. I'm going to thread it through the next bead, the closest bead to the left. Now as you can see I'm making units of five. This first unit is the central unit. I'm going to build rows of five, or units of five, all the way around that central unit. Now that I have my thread coming out of this bead and this bead I have two beads in this next unit. If I want a unit of five I only need to pickup three more beads.
  • As always, take your left needle and criss-cross and pull tight. Once again, left needle, left bead, always on the outside perimeter. Pull tight, and now I only need three more beads, one, two, three, criss-cross on that last one using your left needle going back the opposite direction. Again, I'm going to go through the next bead to the left with ...

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Additional Information

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Technique Bead Weaving
Designer Andrea Morici
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