How to Make a Wire Wrapped Gemstone Jewelry Set

How to Make a Wire Wrapped Gemstone Jewelry Set
In this video, learn how to make a wire wrapped necklace, earrings, and ring with gemstone beads and spiral accents.
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  • Designer:Megan Milliken


Audio Transcript:
  • Hi, this is Megan with Beadaholique. Today, I'm going to show you how to make a little set of a ring, some earrings, and a necklace using these eight millimeter Impression Jasper gemstone beads. They have purple and an aqua blue and kind of a coppery orange peach color in them. They're going to be wire wrapped and we're going to use some artistic wire in this really pretty bare copper color. We're going to use both 18 gauge and 24 gauge. We'll also need some jump rings, and these are five millimeter, 20 gauge jump rings in copper, genuine copper, and then some copper earring findings. We're also going to need some ribbon, and I'm using this really pretty deep purple color. The tools that we're going to need are some E6000 glue, a pair of flush cutters, a pair of wire looping pliers, the large size of the [inaudible 00:01:13] bail making pliers, a pair of nylon jaw pliers, a pair of round nose pliers, and a pair of chain nose pliers. It is a lot of tools, but we're doing several different methods of wire wrapping. You might be able to find other tools that work for you, but these are all the ones that I used.
  • We'll go ahead and start with the link that you will use to build both of the earrings and also the links for the necklace. Go ahead and take your 18 gauge wire and use flush cutters to cut yourself a piece about six inches long. Then you're going to use nylon jaw pliers to straighten out the wire, get any bends out of it. Just run it through several times, okay? I'm using this large size of the bail making pliers, and I've basically measured and found that the larger diameter side of this is just a little bit larger than the diameter of the bead that I want to use so that when I make these different components there is just enough room to put the bead in and then have the wire wrapping around it. I believe this one is about nine millimeters or so, maybe nine or 10, and the beads are eight. Anything else you want to use, you could find a pen that's round that is the right diameter, you could find any kind of tool or household object that's the right diameter that's a perfect cylinder and use that. I'm just using this because I happen to have it handy and it was the right size.
  • Take your thicker wire and bend it around and go ahead and bend it around and squeeze it together to kind of give yourself that teardrop kind of shape. Go ahead and push it in really well and get that shape the way you want it. Go ahead and take your nylon jaw pliers and make sure that the ends are straight again. Then when you pull it off, you're going to use your flush cutters and you want to make sure that you have the flush edge towards the project so that they have a nice squared off edge instead of the pointy edge that this side will leave. You want to cut about an inch down from where your wires meet, give yourself about an inch of working room there. Okay, and then you're going to take a pair of round nose pliers, and pretty close to the tip so that the inside circle is smaller, you're going to pinch the end and roll that down into a little circle, and then do the same with the other side. Then take a pair of chain nose pliers, and you want to go ahead first and just squish that flat, and be gentle, you can scratch the finish on these ...

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Additional Information

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