How to Make Dragonscale Chain Maille

How to Make Dragonscale Chain Maille
In this video, learn how to make the dragonscale variety of chain maille. This intricate weave is beautiful, and truly does resemble scales.
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  • Designer:Megan Milliken


Audio Transcript (partial):
  • Megan with Beadaholique and today, I'm going to show you how to do Dragonscale Chain Maille. This is a bracelet that I made using the dragonscale weave. You can see it's got a really nice thickness to it and it does look a lot like scales. All you'll need to do this is two different chainmail ring sizes and two pairs of pliers.
  • As far as the different sizes go, I'm actually just using the sizes that are recommended for this weave on the back of the artistic wire chainmail ring package, but some rules of thumb if you're going to choose your own ring sizes. The smaller ring needs to be able to fit inside the larger ring if you lay it flat like that and that the inner diameter, so the inside measurement of the smaller ring, needs to be at least three times the thickness of the wire gauge of the larger so that you need to be able to fit three rings of the big one inside the small one.
  • I noticed that when I used a smaller wire gauge for the smaller ring, it went together easier than when I tried to do it with two different sizes of the same gauge. I'm using ... My larger rings are an 18-gauge ring with an inner diameter of 15/64ths of an inch. My smaller rings are a 20-gauge with an inner diameter of 9/64ths of an inch. When you begin the dragonscale, you're going to establish the width of your piece and then we are going to work down the length.
  • You'll need to have some of your smaller rings open and some of your larger rings closed. I'm going to do like this one. I started this one with four large rings and three small rings across, so I'm going to do the same for showing you how to do the weave. The chainmail rings come slightly open. You'll need to either open them or close them all the way. Then you're just going to make a little chain of large/small, large/small.
  • You can put two large rings on a small ring and close it up and then put those and another large ring on another small ring, close that, and once more. Okay. I'm using contrasting colors to show you the difference. In this piece, I used brass inside and silver outside. You can see it looks cool when you use a different color for the inside than for the outside. I'm using the black for this so you can see really what's going on. What we're going to do next is you're going to want about, I think, three more closed rings.
  • Okay, the next step is going to be to anchor these closed rings onto your row of smaller rings. You're going to put one over each, but it's of course easier to work with them one at a time so they don't fly everywhere. Go ahead and pick that up and hold it steady. You're just going to take the ring and capture the smaller ring, or I'm sorry, go through the smaller ring and it will capture that loose ring in place. Close that up. That's the first one. Then you're going to add another loose large ring over the next small ring and this time, you're going to...

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Additional Information

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Technique Chain Maille
Designer Megan Milliken
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