How to Use a Pearl Vise

How to Use a Pearl Vise
In this video learn how to use a pearl vise to securely hold your pearls in place for drilling, inspection, or reaming. This easy to use tool fits a variety of pearl sizes and shapes, even irregularly shaped pearls.
  • Skill Level:Any Level
  • Designer:Julie Bean


Audio Transcript:
  • Hi. This is Julie with Beadaholique, and in this video, I'm going to show you how to use a pearl vise. I just have some samples of pearl jewelry on my table to really illustrate that pearls come in all shapes and sizes. I'm going to use this bigger one here as an example, because I think you'll be able to see it a little bit better. The point of this tool is to be able to hold your pearl nice and firmly to allow you to drill it, use a bead reamer on it, whatever it might be that you really want this bead to be very secure and tight. This is what it looks like and how it will come to you, so it's really in the closed position. Both of these knobs, you have the ability to screw, so you can really adjust it from both sides.
  • As you open it up, you're going to notice that inside is a spring, and that's really helping you with your tension. And you'll notice these holes along the outside on both sides, so you can use this with really teeny, tiny little pearls, or very large ones as well. Even irregular ones, where one might have a narrower side, like a smaller side, you might use the tinier hole, and then the other side of it might be a little large. You might want to use a bigger hole. You can rotate these discs. I'm going to put a pearl in here for you so you can see what it would look like. I'm going to pop my pearl in. You want it a little bit wider than your pearl.
  • Open it up and I'm going to put my pearl in here. I'm going to slip it in, and I want this little viewfinder to be able to see the hole of the pearl. I have a little toothpick. If it's not perfectly aligned, you can always take a little toothpick and just make sure that that hole is front and center. Then to screw it tighter, you just use the knobs, and it really clamps down on that pearl. Before you have it too tight, go ahead. I need to loosen it just a little bit. Make sure that hole is right where you want it, and then look at it from the other side too. Here we go. Then continue to screw it, just don't screw it too tight that you could actually mar the pearl.
  • Now we have this pearl in here, and it is not going anywhere. I could apply a lot of pressure on here, and that pearl is going to be completely steady. It's also nice because I have a really nice, pretty large object to hold onto, and it fits nicely in the palm of my hand. That is how you use a pearl vise.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Technique Product Demonstration
Designer Julie Bean
Skill Level Any Level