Jewelry Making Supplies

Stock up on all of the jewelry making supplies you could possibly need: glue, wire, chain, packaging materials, beading thread and cord, mixed media supplies, bead storage, jewelry displays and much more.

Here you'll find the items that act as mortar to the bricks of your beads and components: adhesives, thread, cord, wire and chain. These items keep your jewelry creations together, while other supporting materials such as beading foundation and suede backing provide a base or a professional looking finishing touch.
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In addition, this category contains a range of mixed media supplies including resins and resin molds, artist's concrete and epoxy clay, perfect for filling the bezel or setting of your choice. Patinas, glitter and collage artwork provide colorful enhancements to many types of jewelry projects.

Once your creations are finished, you'll need to store your extra beads and tools, so check out our selection of crafter's bags, bins and organizers. As for the jewelry piece itself, you can find jewelry boxes and packaging materials if you plan to store, ship or give the piece as a gift. Or, if you're gearing up for a show, consider investing in high-quality velvet or faux leather display busts for necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings.

This category is your go-to when you want to embellish, alter, string and sew, and then give your finished piece the care and attention it deserves!

Find products from all over the world to incorporate into your beading and jewelry making projects. We carry products from small artisan workshops as well as top brands including Beadsmith, Swarovski, TierraCast and more.

New Beading Projects

Find inspiration with our beading patterns and projects. New projects are added weekly!

Techniques & Guides

Find charts and diagrams, product guides, a beading glossary and more in Techniques & Guides.